Sunday, Bunday

Got my first Hollister t-shirt from Javis. He said it is cheap in Taiwan. His idea of cheap is SGD $40. He went shopping for me again and I love every single piece he got this time. Previously, he wanted to change my entire style and that didn’t cut it out for me. His mom got me a Neogence facial cleansing brush. It’s Hello Kitty themed and a few people popped into my mind who would definitely love it. I wanted a cleansing brush and Clarisonic is I-need-to-sell-my-limbs expensive so that was on the wishlist (term for never ever going to get it). It’s not needed, definitely. I use my hands all the time and cleansing my face is part of my shower routine. I do not understand how and why people would wash their face over the sink twice a day. I only do that when I apply my clay mask (Innisfree Volcanic, still using it, still loving it). The water just flows down your arm and that bugs the hell out of me. It’s a luxury item and a special gift so I’m trying to use it at least 2-3 times a week. 

 One of my kids had a birthday party last week and his parents prepared food and drinks. I got the leftover yakult (lucky me) and it has been a daily routine. 

I finished the last one today.

I felt bad towards Javis on a previous date (I made him buy me this Taiwan chicken snack when he was expecting me to pay for it myself) so this time I bought the movie tickets for us. He didn’t know which film I got but he guessed it along the way. I surprised him with his favourite cookies too because he said he was craving for it earlier this morning. Made a little card on the bus in under 2 minutes and that resulted in bad handwriting but I got my apology across which is the important point. 

I just added the link to my Dayre under Links if you are interested. Of course you are interested, pssh. 

It’s the mom’s birthday on the 4th. She hasn’t aged in over 20 years. She is proud and aware of it. Yep, that’s where the confidence trait came from. 

I am hooked onto Kritika so that will explain the lack of updates on my social media. Compulsive gamer for the role-playing kinds since, whatever the age it is that I started playing Pokemon, probably 8/9. I was addicted to my Digivice at 10 (fun fact). Until next time.


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