3 shades (part 1)






Jo and I was free but Jacq had to work so instead of wasting the day away (I finished my essay) we decided to go and take photos! I requested for a place with many white walls and he brought me there. There were marbled floors too! The first thing he said to me was “Please wear nicer.” I look like a princess even in fbts, okay?

Both of us brought our 700Ds and 50mms. Jo brought his kit lens too. The colours of our clothes matched as well. I said we are twinsies but he said he and Ash are already twins. Ash and I just got attachedĀ last Christmas so we can just just be twinsies in laws OR TRIPLETS. I am twins with a lot of people. Just realizing this. I am a twin whore.

After seeing how my calves hang off my bones in the photo (what a way to describe) on the ledge, I immediately added legs to my workout routine. Not running because I hate it. You don’t even need to feel my legs to see that they are light years away from being toned. I have tiny wrists so my watches never sit right. My hair was nice. I would usually like my hair to hide my face in portraits but Jo said that because the background was black, there wasn’t much of a contrast (I don’t have that much skin to expose either). I don’t really like my side profile.

I’m not into architecture photography but there was this pretty fountain at stop no. 2 so I maxed out the shutter speed and loved loved loved the photos I took.

I have more! They were already filtered by Jo before uploading so selecting them was fuss free.

I always thought people were selfish for not putting a location tag on their photos because good things have to be shared. I understood for the first time that these places should be kept quiet because never would those photos be taken if 1000 people are walking around and just destroying the serenity of this place. Hmm, I don’t know. The location of this shoot is pretty obvious.

Wait for part 2! Yep, more of me because it’s a meal. Not a feast for the eyes but at least a meal, haha. Or an appetizer.


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