The Sunday Currently Vol. 2

At home, I only have the walls. There, I had the walls and floors.

R e a d i n g
The Travel Diary of Amos Lee: Lost in Taipei by Adeline Foo. One of my favourite Singaporean authors! This is the 5th book in her series and I have them all. I love that it gives information about Singapore in a fun way especially for the younger generation. I love it. The mother just got the 6th book too.

W r i t i n g
The Korean alphabets.

L i s t e n i n g
Belle by Beauty and the Beast’s broadway musical cast. I caught the musical today and I love it to death. It’s Disney voices coming to life. I found out that this musical has been going on tours since 1993.

T h i n k i n g
My Chinese is horrible. Javis was getting grilled by his grandmother in Chinese today and he couldn’t speak. I tried to help but failed too, haha.

S m e l l i n g
My goat milk body wash.

W i s h i n g
That I didn’t eat that much during dinner when I actually don’t have much space in my tummy.

H o p i n g
To watch another musical soon! Javis and I are looking at Singin’ in the Rain and Swan Lake. Or Yuanyi and I could watch Swan Lake together, haha.

W e a r i n g
My pink hello kitty pyjamas. Yes, my pyjamas are all pink and gross and just stuff probably no one except my family has seen me in.

L o v i n g
Hilary Maiberger’s (who played Belle in the musical) voice. It’s live but still so clean and so similar to Paige O’Hara’s voice (Belle’s voice actress in the 1991 cartoon).

W a n t i n g
Javis’ Raybans for a little self/or not photoshoot I will have on Wednesday, if time allows. I’ll get it from him tomorrow.

N e e d i n g
To be more prepared for my Canada trip. My uncle is trying to get me to do more research about transiting in Japan and Los Angeles but I am the laziest ass.

F e e l i n g
So so thankful. Firstly, to Yijun for getting us the musical tickets at a steal! Javis and I got $176 per seats at only $88 each because she had connections, haha. She thought of me first because she knows how much I want to go a musical! Then, got scolded by her brother for sharing it with her friends, haha. Thankful for Javis as well for paying for the tickets! I said we could go halfsies because I worked a lot the past month and hit my quota for the amount I want to bring to Canada so have left over money. He said it’s fine and just told me to pay for dinner.

C l i c k i n g
Researching on the entire Beauty and the Beast musical. I knew the people who played Belle and the Beast in the musical were a couple! Their chemistry is no joke. Javis was like, no, they are not. Who is the winner now?

I’m going to dig out my Beauty and the Beast VCD tomorrow. Crazy Disney princess fan over here. I have all the VCDs of every Disney Princess because my mom collects VCDs. Can’t wait for this week to start already!


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