Do you?

“Do you look at me secretly and smile to yourself?”
“Of course I do. And then I think of Love”. (or was it like, just thinking of the word love? Something along those lines. Both sounds sweet)

I have zero fear in asking questions, I swear. Sometimes, things are better left unsaid but I love knowing. Knowing is always better than not knowing. Why spend your whole life asking ‘what ifs’ when you can ask and get rid of it. It doesn’t feel like taking a risk at all because even if it’s something you don’t want to hear, hearing it and confirming it allows you to move on. You come out battered and bruised but you heal. You always heal. Not asking is like bandaging yourself before you even get the hit. You are protected but the constant fear of the chance that you might get hit is so torturing, I don’t see the good in it.

Take a bash and move on. And who knows? The answer might be just what you have wanted to hear all along and all you had to do was ask.


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