End of another chapter

It’s the end of another chapter for me. I had my last quiz of the semester. Of my entire degree, actually. Well, not really sure I am going to pass overall yet but more or less, it’s a pass. Then it will be even more concrete.

I remember when I was at Mac on Thursday night, I knew the day is just going to fly by and that would be the end of school. I am excited for the work and money that is coming. I am excited for all the stay home Korean and Taiwanese dramas I am going to watch. I’m excited for all the brush lettering I am going to do (I actually got asked to do a collab with other brush lettering artists but more on that story soon!). I’m excited for my travels.

I really don’t feel like going to Korea during winter because as much as I want to experience winter, I don’t want to be freezing. If Korea is out of the picture, maybe Australia in November? However, if I am going to end up in Australia for my honors, then that trip would feel like an extra expense? I don’t know. Or I could just save the money for trips to Exeter!

I’m excited for the naps I can take any time I want and not feel guilty about not studying. I’m excited for so many things to come actually.

However, school’s out for about a year. UK starts in september but I have no wish to go back to school life so early so it’ll be next year. If I get into an UWA, it’ll be February or March. School is something safe because that’s all I have been doing since 3. Safe can’t make you grow.

I’ll miss the routine of having school. Honors probably won’t feel like school because it’s just doing this mega huge research. Well, I am still a student until April 2016 so school life is unofficially over.

I think I’m feeling anxious because every day is a step closer to working forever. Another qualification but not really sure I will be doing what I aim to do.

I’ll be contented with what I have and live life right now.

Canada in 10 days. I can’t believe it’s nearing. A month in a whole new country, out of Asia. I wanted to make my 21st year memorable and this will be it.

I always have my fortune told at the start of the year and I’ve never had a bad year so mine is always $12. If your year is going to be bad, they would ask for more money (non-believers please shut up) to save you and it goes like, $8, $12, $28 and all the 8s. Ji Gong said this year is extremely good for me.

It’s May and life has been nothing short of amazing. I’m thankful for all that has happened.

Extremely addicted to snapchat lately. User: deniseleeeee


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