The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

R e a d i n g
The First Phone Call From Heaven. I didn’t have anytime to read this week. I forbade myself to bring it out too because I’ll definitely read it than study.

W r i t i n g
I have nothing to write. I should just remove this question for next posts.

L i s t e n i n g
I Need You by Bangtan Boys. It is so good that I have been listening to it on repeat for the past week. They worked hard and finally got some wins even though they were up against Big Bang.

T h i n k i n g
Don’t critics have such a sad life? All they do is pick on things and judge everything and everyone. People who love to hate on things, I pity you. What happened in your life that made you think you are better than everyone else.

S m e l l i n g
I’m going to remove this question too because I don’t have smells around me. I wish I could say I am burning a candle but I am not.

W i s h i n g
That I didn’t pick job 1 over job 2 tomorrow because job 2 is actually giving me way more money.

H o p i n g
That my father’s surgery goes smooth on Tuesday!

W e a r i n g
Freshmen Orientation Week facilitators t shirt and fbts.

L o v i n g
THE BABYLISS 42MM. After taking away 2-3 inches of my hair because I was growing grass, hair pointing in different directions looks even messier.

W a n t i n g
Some fresh fruits please. Some super ripe watermelon and papaya.

N e e d i n g
Some more time.

F e e l i n g
Good ‘cos I kept up my mothers day traditions by giving a flower to all the mother figures in my life.

C l i c k i n g
Thanks to Kangling I went mad in Zalora. I didn’t buy anything but my wishlist is looking like Santa’s list for the good kids.

Pitch Perfect 2 was awesome as predicted. I’m at episode 3 of Pinocchio now and it’s so so good. The father just called and asked if I want anything to eat. Blessed is Denise.


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