This love is sewn

I don’t usually bring Javis out to meet my friends because I know he isn’t the kind to socialize, unlike me. But I am not the best at integrating my friends as well. This group of mine has been bugging to meet him for close to 3 years. Javis finally agreed to show up to one! I love that our group is made up of mostly extroverts because we try to make every comfortable. Javis was probably most receptive to Ash and we clapped for her every time she made him speak or laugh.

I regret being all exclusive. THIS GROUP IS AWESOME because they personally ask me if it is okay to bring their plus ones and this probably shows how demanding I am but ever since we got together with our other halves and the guys went in to army, there isn’t a time where it’s just the 8 of us. I am so touched by all their actions because they didn’t like force their way through and thought of my feelings. I AM OKAY GUYS, I JUST WANTED A DAY WHEN IT IS JUST US!

I made more of an effort and it was easy to get along with all the others. More barbecues.

Speaking of groups, I want to thank Christopher because on Hi Club Opening night, he asked why I don’t turn up for Chubby Bunny events anymore. I am super inactive but those words really touched me. I hope you read my blog! Thank you for acknowledging my presence and that it still matters. I miss Skyler too actually, haha. I remember our long heart to heart while walking to the super far away barbecue pit in 2014(?). I hope I’ll find the motivation to go for one soon!

Thankful for the groups in my life.


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