Aide De Camp – Valencia

Here is the best camera bag in the world.

IMG_7383 copy

IMG_7385 copy

IMG_7388 copy

IMG_7389 copy

IMG_7405 copy

IMG_7408 copy

IMG_7402 copy

I am in love with it. It fits so so many things and has so many compartments to fit my things in! Besides my camera, I can fit my laptop and my iPad!

Javis got it for me as a surprise and I just. Died. I was planning to get it myself because it is definitely pricey and I don’t think I can get it before Canada so I was planning to get it for the UK. I was at Javis’ house one day and he brought out this giant box. He said it was a present for US so I was thinking something like what he gave me for Christmas which was he got us couple tom shoes! Haha! When I found out what it was I hugged the box for a good 10 minutes until Javis told me to get off because the box will crush it under my weight.

Yuanyi has been raving so much about it and she got hers on her anniversary with Yangzhan! Javis told me he got me as a random present but I would like to think it is because of our 1000th day, haha. I received it around April?

SUPER DUPER HAPPY I AM GOING TO BRING IT TO CANADA! Yuanyi was actually planning to lend me hers (before she even has a chance to use it) to Canada and I was like, of course not!!! I wasn’t going to lug someone’s anniversary gift around, haha!

This will be my carry on and I have fit everything that is necessary for the plane in this bag. THE VIDEO WILL WOW YOU LIKE HOW I WOW-ED ME.

It’s sold out right now so lucky me!


Tell me it’s not the most amazing bag ever for a photographer. YOU CAN’T. I love it to bits and pieces. Yuanyi and my favourite part is the part where you can hook it over the luggage handle. ISN’T THAT THE COOLEST?

So I love it. It’s 1.20 and I have 4 hours left to just prepare everything.

I wanted to thank people here for the past few months but I actually did it on my Dayre! I had a new offer for a job yesterday and it’s kind of huge and I am not very sure about it yet! Canada should be exciting and life coming back will be full of excitement as well!

Life is too short to dwell on the shortcomings of what life has thrown at you. Make your own rainbow instead of waiting for one to come out.

I know I missed out The Sunday Currently and it’s because I was too busy running away from my responsibilities! Hahaha! I slept the entire Sunday away because I didn’t want to pack. I’ll continue the series over in Canada!

It’s 15 hours backwards over there friends so when you are sleeping, I will be awake! Hopefully I won’t be jet lagged, oh my gosh.


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