Burnaby, BC.

Ever since I got here I got 0 motivation to update this space. Maybe it is because I’m in another environment, another time zone. My entire routine is knocked off at once.

My Sunday is not your Sunday, well, at least, not for most of you, anyway. I’ll probably only continue the SC series after I come back because I didn’t bring any books with me!

My aim for this trip is to not look at all the places of interest in Vancouver, Burnaby area, but to live like a Canadian. I want to see how they live, how they eat, how their transport works, all these little things. I’m slowly getting used to tipping. It’s kind of annoying because in Singapore only big shots tip but it’s a culture to tip at least 10% here. The first cafe I went I totally forgot and I had to put some coins in the tip jar when he was nearby so he would notice. Oh, and if you are ordering a takeaway, you don’t have to tip because they don’t serve you. So when I got my juice, I actually asked the barista if I should tip (obviously they would say yes) so I just tipped them. …

I’ve been to a few lakes and parks around here which are just gorgeous.

Sometimes the weather gets really cold that I wear jeans, boots and my knitted cardigan. However, because it is knitted, when the wind blows, it still chills my skin and omg, it’s just super cold. We went out today when it was about 6am which I am guess is 14° to 15°. Not even my aircon goes that low.

I’m amazed that many places don’t have aircon and they have heaters instead. The amount of electricity they save. It’s cooling once you open all the windows. I came across a huge male mosquito too. It was so huge I thought it was a dragonfly but Sam said that’s how big male mosquitoes are here. Male mosquitoes don’t suck your blood but their presence still irks us. Feeling amazed with Sam because she managed to kill it while whining and complaining about how much she doesn’t want to do it. She did ask her father to help but he told her to solve it on her own, HAHA.

It’s week 2, a a thursday! Very soon it will be week 3 then another week before I end my stay here and go back to Singapore. Dreading the weather back there. I really really abhor Singapore’s temperature. I only bathe once a day here because I don’t sweat at all. I HAVE YET TO PERSPIRE. The temperature is rising but it still remains cold in the mornings and evenings which I love. I accidentally bought an ice cold smoothie while walking along West Georgia in 15° weather. I think my fingers froze.

I’ll update whenever I can! I’m happy here! I update regularly on Dayre though ‘cos typing on the phone is more handy. Is that a pun?

Looking forward to strawberry picking next week! And I’m really lucky because it hasn’t rained but I saw the weather forecast and it’s going to rain next Monday so I am hopeful!


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