It’s a Tuesday

I have been having really bad nightmares the past few days and I have no idea why. The dreams are really similar to one another. It kept revolving the plot of me going back to Singapore for an emergency and then realizing I have no way to get back to Canada to finish my 2 more weeks of stay.

I think it’s the realization that I am going to be working as soon as I get back. I won’t just be sitting down or lying down, playing Neko Atsume, watching tons of Running Man just to waste away my time. I’m leaning towards accepting this full time job that has been offered to me (life luck at its peak) because I can earn more money, it’s extremely flexible (no limit to when I can take off) and I’m allowed to leave depending on when my honors year is starting. Plus, I’ll be working from home and it’s artsy! What’s holding me back is probably the commitment.

Speaking about honors, it’s giving me a headache. I don’t know where I want to go and how I should go about doing it. I am just going to dump it in the back of my mind first.

I’m feeling stressed about what I am going to bring back from Canada to my friends. I remember Vivian saying she hates to go overseas ‘cos you have to spend time knowing what to get for everyone. I should learn from that and just stay where I am.

Woooo, I just made a list on what to get my friends! Canada is not a place to get souvenirs, people.


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