I’m home

I am feeling so so jet lagged. I keep thinking I’m still 15 hours behind; that I’m supposed to be having lunch and dinner during the time I am supposed to be asleep. I wanted to prevent jet lag from happening by not sleeping on my 19 hour flights but I couldn’t.

I totally died on the plane from Tokyo to Singapore. I couldn’t watch anything because both were Japan Airlines and so the movies were the same. Vancouver to Tokyo was 10 hours, so of course I watched everything I could’ve on that flight. I even lost my appetite for plane food ‘cos it was like 2-3am in Vancouver so my body wasn’t in the state to eat. I was so famished before the second flight but dinner went past in a few hours and my body just wanted to die. Everything tasted bad to me.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night so I spent my time reading Untouchable. It’s a vampire romance manhwa and the art is so gorgeous. I love really good anime art. It’s what makes me read a manga/manhwa. Superficial, I know. Well, I didn’t know it wasn’t completed and it’s relatively new. Now I am having withdrawal symptoms. I have to wait for a chapter to come out every week. A chapter that I take 2 minutes to read. Is this how Bleach/Naruto/One Piece fans feel. I cannot do this. I’m considering if I should read Noblesse which Glenn recommended like 3-4 years ago LOL. IT’S 300 CHAPTERS. So I am hooked onto Untouchable because the korean drama of Orange Marmalade is just so sucky. They screwed up the entire story plot. Please, if you can’t follow the entire story line which is what 80% of us loved the manhwa for, please, for God’s sakeĀ don’t come out with it.

I was so hungry as well because it’s was lunch time about 3am (Singapore time) and I just started to scavenge for food but if you know my household, there isn’t anything to eat and I can’t use the kitchen because I will get killed.

I had my first exposure to Singapore’s humidity in a month and it reminds me how much I wanted to escape from the weather and I did but now I have to be back.

I’m trying to convince my parents to retire in Canada. FREE HEALTH CARE, why not?

I texted Sam until 5am too because she is the only one up at that timing. And after spending time with her for the past 1 month, I can’t just go on with my life without speaking to her for too long, hahaha!


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