My new bottle/cup shall be called Fuser

Photo on 23-6-15 at 3.52 pm #3

Photo on 23-6-15 at 3.53 pm

Photo on 23-6-15 at 3.52 pm #2

Sneak peek of what you will see this upcoming 7th month festival.

Hanging out with my fav fruit infuser cup with a straw. I love straws. I love blue. I love bottles with vacuum because my water stays cold for a longer time. I wanted an infuser bottle for a really long time because I love flavoured water. The bottles from Blogilates are charged at a crazy 16USD. It’s lemon water day today.

I got Fuser from Walmart Canada at just 5CAD.

I tried Blogilates’ 1000 abs challenge and I died at 500.

I’m a proud 44kg now because Samantha fed me really well for the past one month. Mostly home cooked food because that’s what I love and there aren’t many places in Canada that are worth the money and the 10% tip. 10CAD per meal is considered cheap. I swear I have a separate stomach for home cooked food because I don’t have it 80% of my lifetime. I eat double the portion of take out food. Thanks to her, I get to eat 3 meals a day which I never have on a daily basis because 1) It’s always sleep > breakfast 2) There is no food in the house.

Just 1kg away from donating blood. This has been a 4 year long goal.


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