Microwaved onions

I am here to share my favourite snack! I know this shouldn’t even count as a recipe but I really want to make it seem like one so I’m gonna do it! It’s idiot-proof.

First you will need:

1-2 onions
A few squirts of olive oil
1/2 tsp of salt

A microwavable cup/bowl

I am using olive oil because I have it in a little spray bottle and I feel that it is easier to control the amount that goes into the onions.

First, you spray some oil into the bowl or cup. I usually use a cup but I wanted a bigger serving this time. Second, you slice up some onions into those rainbow shapes then you place them in the bowl. Use a fork or spoon to mix it up so the onions get coated in the oil. For the third step, you just use an appropriate amount of salt, I usually use about 1/2 a tsp but well, it depends on how much onions you are intending to eat. Then you mix it all up really well. Lastly, you throw it in the microwave and depending on whether you want it crispier or soggier, you can put it in for any time from 1 minute to 2 minutes. I usually put 1.5 minutes because I like it soggy. I did it for 2 minutes this time because it’s a larger bowl.

Yep, no need to bust out the frying pan and spatula just to stir fry some onions when you can just do it with the microwave and in a cup. You cut down on things to wash as well.

I eat this when I am hungry but it’s not the time for a huge meal and onions are my life. I swear, it’s the bomb.com


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