Hello again

Here is a little update.

I didn’t do a Sunday Currently today because I am posting really little and I don’t like two of the same post almost back to back on my page. I lost a thought I had during the week that I wanted to include in my Sunday Currently anyway so that’s a sign I should skip it this week.

I have 3 jobs at the moment and I am extremely happy with all of them. One is slightly more stressful and requires me to be more responsible which made me want to run away and quit and live like a loser and watch tv all day then I told myself, I’m so much better than that #truestory. It pays quite well too.

I met a lot of friendly people at Milkcow (one of the jobs) and thankfully, the ones I have met are pretty talkative and fun to be with. I still have a few part timers I have yet to meet! My first part time job in the F&B industry! I feel that I should do a little bit of this if I am going to go overseas because that should probably be the easiest job to find and it’s better to have some experience in that area.

3 part time jobs because I want the flexibility and that I don’t need to use a lot of mental energy. Why not a full time for a full year you ask? I don’t want to commit to anything for a year and only a year. I don’t want a company to waste their resources on me if I am not going to be there long term. Furthermore, I don’t want to be stuck in the cycle of “shit if I continue, I get a pay rise so should I? I should.” I don’t want to ruin any near future study plans because I am getting money. I have always felt that I need to be perfectly qualified with everything before going into something I plan to do for the rest of my life. You say excuses, I say freedom at the moment.

Loving this life because I come home with no worries about assignments and no workload to think about the next day. I don’t have aims to bring a company forward or those kind of responsibility placed on my shoulders.

Things change all the time. Who knows what 6 months will bring? If I don’t get accepted into any university (because it’s really tricky for my case) maybe I’ll just go into a full time job so I can back up my application in the future. It’s empowering to know that everything you do is something you have chosen. No regrets because I chose to throw myself into this life.

I’m alright by the way. I am and I will live a much better life than I have lived. I love life too much to let myself wither into nothing just because something doesn’t work out. All if you have to start believing me when I say I’m fine, guys!

I had a 5 hour nap so lets see how long I can be up.

Can someone buy me sims 4. I’m watching DanTDM’s Sims 4 series and I am addicted.


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