Lush’s Roots

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Introducing my favourite and the best product I have ever used on my hair. I don’t think I was recommended by a Youtuber or anything, I just went into the store and I was looking for something for my scalp because I can use all the oils and conditioner I want on my ends but my scalp is the root problem (pun intended) and I didn’t know how to attack it.

My scalp is oily and I get the occasional dandruff because sometimes I am just too lazy to dry my hair and I sleep on it. Horrible, I know. I asked around and the Lush employees were raving about this. As in, I know that’s what they are supposed to but it seems to do whatever I want to my scalp. What made me hesitate a bit was because the employees use it every other day and they finish a tub in a month. I can’t keep buying a new pot every month?! So I use it really sparingly.

It’s main ingredient is peppermint, I think, so you will feel this cooling sensation on your scalp after applying it. I like it! It feels like there is something going but it’s probably just the properties of mint. I like how it smells. Washing it off is like washing off conditioner. No tangles and it’s so smooth! They did suggest shampooing lightly if needed and I usually do that because I don’t think I can get all the product out with just water.

You know how dandruff has dry spots. It instantly disappears after I do this treatment. Of course they do come back because like I said, I am trying to ration it and I am too lazy. The key word is lazy.

The one thing I hate about it is applying it. My God, it’s so hard because I watched the video and it’s stupid that they showed a guy using it. His hair is so short that he is able to rub it all over his scalp. I can’t do that?! I have to section my hair to apply it and I have considered paying someone to apply it for me but that is as good as a fantasy. I can’t get it in every part but I know where the parts with dandruff because I have this weird habit of touching my scalp every now and then.

I have checked out the Lush stores in Singapore and one pot is $49.90 if I am not wrong. I CAN’T CAPS NUMBERS BUT 49.90. Or was it 39.90.

I bought it in Canada for CAD19.90. With conversion it’s only $21. LIKE, WHAT THE HELL. I don’t know why but the price is absurd. THIS IS WHY LUSH STORES ARE SO EMPTY IN SINGAPORE. Same as for Kiel’s! Lol, I can go on and on and it will go nowhere.

I don’t get the full effect of Roots because I only use it when I remember or when I feel my scalp needs it. It’s better for thin and fine hair which I do not have so I just apply it on my scalp and the leftovers on my hand, I will apply some to the body and the ends.

The pictures are black and white because I am wearing my super comfortable hello kitty pyjamas but it is in this hideous shade of pink that I really don’t like. It’s the kind of pink that clashes with everything.



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