WordPress will always be more personal than Dayre.

I’m not going to pretend that I’m super close to X nor that he is aware of my existence because he isn’t. It might seem very out of place for me to be writing this but I just want to, so there.

It’s weird because it is not like he greatly inspired me or changed my life in some sort of way. We’ve never talked. I just know who he is because he is a big figure in the club.

Being the nosy person that I was, I found out that he is the only one who can successfully hand sign a rap. The amazed me to great ends because I’m just slow at it and he was the only person to do it, or so I heard. I would spread that achievement all around.

Y, his brother, was my instructor for the second semester and he asked what goal I wanted to achieve when it ends. I said I wanted to sign a rap. Overly ambitious and ignorant you might think but it’s something I really hope to do at the back of my mind but not enough passion to actually practice everyday for it. It’s also sounded really exaggerated which is very me. I exaggerate about everything a lot.

X didn’t affect me in a great way like I said, but I feel that the little things matter too. It’s tiny, but it’s something

RIP. You were gone too soon.


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