Flight crazy

I just booked a ticket to Hong Kong for a week in January 2016 and another to Bali in March 2016. I just remembered I have boracay in November 2015.

My manager told me people my age have zero savings and it’s so true because we spend it all on travelling.

Bangkok was on the list but it doesn’t seem like it anymore because a friend couldn’t make it. I’m thinking about Vietnam too!

I made sure the first year into adult life was marked by Canada. Canada made 21 years of living worth it. Now I’m going to make my 22nd year amazing.

I’m supposed to be saving for England but like I mentioned, there are so many choices you can make. I can skip England, get a full time job for two years and get a masters in America. I could just get a bank loan and head to england for about 2-3 years. I could part time for a year and just take advantage of the flexibility and travel. I can do anything. It’s all just talk now because nothing is set in stone. I love how there are so many options to take and it could change my life in ways.

Feeling pretty empowered now.


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