Let’s not

Big Bang’s new song punched me right in the feels.

How ignorant people are when they say “I don’t listen to Korean songs because I don’t understand a word.” There are so many translations, humans.

I wanted to say friends but I don’t like ignorant people. I’m probably one myself too because I learnt that whatever we hate in someone is possibly a part of us that we refuse to accept that it is in us. In a psychology module with Mr. Fred, he told us to write a trait that we hate. I wrote “being a jerk” because I was reminded of someone. Then, he went on to say that whatever we wrote, it’s a part of us.

And it was just, oh shit. Am I a jerk? I’m not a jerk.

However, over the years, I realized I’m pretty much a jerk. I put things across very bluntly because I try not to censor anything in case it’s too fake and I want people to know what I really think even if it means hurting them in the process because the truth (relative to me) probably is a slap across the face. I used to censor so much because I want to say things that people want to hear to make them happier. Then 2 friends told me off for being like this because they aren’t sure if what I am saying is true or just what I want them to hear.

I’ll always choose the truth because it sets a decision for me. I don’t need to wonder about shitty what ifs.

Of course, I’m more direct here because I’m not excellent in communicating verbally.

Just ended a phone call.

“The hope is probably 1% but that little amount of hope is making me ignore the 99% chance of rejection.”

I feel you, friend.


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