If something is worth it, you don’t give it up

I find myself constantly going back to X for advice. X is the only person who will draw out all my flaws, lay it on a table and speak to me about every one of them. I’m never one to accept criticism, constructive or not, which is why our relationship is weirdly grey. I shut out X’s words just because they make me unhappy. We have vastly different beliefs and values. We don’t see eye to eye very much.

X told me so many things. Things that I pushed aside because I was too egoistic to admit that I was doing things wrongly. Soon, I realized those are the words I needed to hear. I didn’t want to hear words that protected me anymore.

X helped me with a major decision. X taught me what love is. X showed me that love is possible and it wins. X showed me that you don’t give up when you know what you want is worth it.

X will always be a friend I will want to keep close. Want to but I can’t. We are so incompatible.

But tonight, I thank you for being you. I thank you for listening. I’m sorry I couldn’t treat you better because what we had was made of glass (which I knew from the start) and I am a really careless person. I wish you all the happiness in the world.


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