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I felt that I was more patriotic last year. This year, not so much. I wasn’t into the fireworks, the discounts, the red and white and the 9am siren which I just slept through. Went out for a little while before the barbecue because it was a day when the public transports were free. Took random shots which is something I am not comfortable with. I like having control over what I am shooting. Caught NDP’s live telecast with the family. I’m touched they kept a seat for Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Spent the rest of the night making my prawn skewers because prawns are my life. I had steamed, barbecued and stir fried prawns that night. I had stingray and thought of Chomp Chomp. I miss eating there.

Singapore’s 50th birthday came and went. It was a nice short holiday for all of us. They made so many things free that I’m glad I stayed in Singapore. Hope you have a great day at school and work.


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