While you are still here

You told me I was pretty, and I asked if it was because of my new hair. You said my hair had nothing to do with it.

You said we should try to get student meals. I was worried because only I have the student card. So I asked and both of us got student meals without showing any cards.

I suggested we watch a midnight movie and you said you wanted to watch Pixels. The movie was great but hearing your laughter was even better.

You didn’t want to wear proper shorts so you made me change into my FBTs. Your mom made you change into something better because she felt that it was unsightly. I stuck with my FBTs.

You introduced Town of Salem to me while I told you about Agar.io and Modern Family. We had a Modern Family marathon until 5am because you found out you loved it.

And that made me love it more.


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