The Sunday Currently Vol. 9


Deer Lake. I didn’t get to see any deers, though.

R e a d i n g
Catching up on my 8 Days. I am probably about a month late so that’s 4 magazines.

L i s t e n i n g
我们的故事 by Tension. The voices, the melody, the lyrics. It’s been on repeat for a week.

T h i n k i n g
About the birthday surprise. I’m so lazy that I should just give the present away but I want to make it really special. Hmm.

W i s h i n g
That my father will be back with food soon. I’ve been snacking on dim sum and it doesn’t fill up the tummy.

H o p i n g
To fall asleep when the huge thunderstorm hits my area.

L o v i n g
Siew mai and har gao because I just had some and the taste is still lingering.

W a n t i n g
To lock my blog. Just a thought, nothing is concrete.

N e e d i n g
People to stop asking me questions because I had enough.

F e e l i n g
Happy that I didn’t put any work today so I can have an entire day of rest.

C l i c k i n g
Town of Salem. It’s the freaking bomb. It’s like Murderer, this huge ass popular game that was part of my childhood and that I sucked at because I cannot wink at people. I can’t wink, alright. So your role depends on luck and sometimes you are good, sometimes you are bad. You will almost never know who is telling the truth (I was an arsonist and I managed to get the town folks to believe the arsonist was someone else and they voted to execute him). It’s thrilling and like what I said, it’s murderer just on a way larger scale with more roles like witches and werewolves. Vampires are coming out. Kangling, you might like it.

I added two new currents since I took some away. I have just started on Prince of Lan Ling because it’s Ariel Lin’s last drama and I am craving for a really good traditional chinese drama just because. I am also watching Modern Family because it is a riot. It’s probably the show I laughed the most at (yes, not even HIMYM and BBT made me laugh that much)

The siew mai and har gao I devoured.


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