Singapore Night Festival 2015

Went to SNF on a whim because festivals were never my kind of a thing. Furthermore, I thought it was a music festival and I wouldn’t consider myself as someone who loves music.

It’s the second last night and I could bust out my Aeropostale kimono by Bethany Mota. Yes, I have to make a big deal out of this kimono because I wanted one for really long time and I couldn’t find anything that catches my eye. I also didn’t want to get one made chiffon and plenty of blogshops import those kind of kimonos. I don’t think anything made in chiffon should be above 10 dollars. I don’t like chiffon as well. It’s one of those ‘itchy’ material. Found it in the USA, fell in love with it and decided to get it even though it isn’t an item on discount.

Alright, back to the festival. We saw a lot of people carrying blinking cups of beer. They put LED lights under the cup and sealed it up. There’s a button so you can switch the lights off and make it blink or not. Thankfully we walked the right way and managed to get one. It’s filled with Desperados beer which I fell in love with because it is more on the sweet side.

We went to several locations that we found interest in. The guide that we got at the start had a map, all the information on all the activities that happened tonight and the best thing, a time line.

We managed to catch Bear Culture. I don’t give local talents a chance just because I always feel that the music industry in Singapore is really tiny and not progressing much at all. How much talent could come out of this? Despite how loud the speakers were that made us walked all the way to the back, I stayed throughout and was extremely captivated. Not by their voices because for live bands, the instruments always overpower the vocals but by how much they were into their songs. All that head banging that I saw as ridiculous at the start became “oh, they are really into it.” The guitarist on the left was so immersed in it that I just stared at him throughout two songs. I was really impressed. Still not going to get into local music because I’m more of a mainstream person but this band changed my views on local talents.

It was a pretty good and fulfilling night that I am glad I said yes to.


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