The Sunday Currently Vol. 11

Photo by @theboneyone

Categories that I take out means that I don’t have anything to say about them.

L i s t e n i n g
听见下雨的声音. Not sure if I like it better sung by Jay Chou or the girl. I don’t know how to read her name.

T h i n k i n g
That people who use their heads instead of their heart shouldn’t be in a relationship. Why love in the movies and books are so sought after is because they don’t love with their brains. You notice that when things that going wrong is because one of them start to think with the brain instead of the heart.

W i s h i n g
I booked the tickets to Zurich. Then again, I won’t have money to spend there, lol.

H o p i n g
That I use my brain instead of heart but I don’t.

W e a r i n g
My yellow hamburger top with fbts.

L o v i n g
Have I mentioned my Sunday Riley Luna night oil here? I’m not sure but I found it even more amazing than I used to. I have said before that I don’t see much effects on my face because I don’t have scars, pigmentation, acne or wrinkles. Plus its effects are instant. You can see it the next morning. I’m just glad it didn’t give me break out of little red bumps that some people have.

So I went for facial last week and oh god I swear one of the levels of hell should be that you have an unlimited amount of blackheads and someone will be there constantly squeezing it out for the rest of your undead life. I had so many around my jaw area and lets take into account that I have resisted facials for about 2-3 years because it’s so painful. I’m not talking about those like Amore spa which was just a touch and go. They probably only too out about 5-6 blackheads and for that crazy price. I’m talking about really removing every single blackhead in your face. This woman took out about 50. I wanted to die 50 times.

The after effects of removing the blackheads are those excess skin left over because they used to be bumps. I wanted scratch them off but I was specifically instructed not to do that. I put the night oil on it and the next morning, 90% of the excess skin was gone and my jaw was smoother by a lot. Oh yes, it has moisturizing properties too so I guess that’s why my jaw didn’t stay dry and have all those excess skin for very long.

I put about 5 drops every night before I sleep! 5 drops is able to cover my entire face. Maybe I should reduce the amount so I can use it until I die (impossible).

W a n t i n g
Sour cream and onion chips.

N e e d i n g
To remember bring my Burt’s Bees cleansing wipes out.

F e e l i n g
Tickled because Modern Family is the bomb.

C l i c k i n g
Modern Family’s wiki page.

I have resumed Prince of Lan Ling and I am so sure I will finish it soon. Modern Family as well. I borrowed Full House from Yuanyi.

Vanilla coke.


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