What’s in my bag

I planned to do this for awhile now because I love flat lay photography and I could make visual art with the things in my bag. I like to talk about the things I own too (not uncommon in this society with 1001 lifestyle youtubers).


My bag is from Bag Lady Online. They sell really cheap bags in superb material. I got this black tote about 2 years ago and I think it’s called the Denise tote so I was so adamant on getting it. Okay I just went to their website and the prices have gone up so so much. Not buying from them no more.

Lets go from left to right, top row then the bottom row.

First, in the most gorgeous packaging ever, my M.A.C rollerball perfume in Turquatic. I got it in Canada and thank God because the M.A.C stores in Singapore do not carry the turquatic range. I don’t wear perfumes even though my mom loves to spray hers onto the entire family’s backs when we aren’t looking and are about to go out. I love the smell. Zoella wasn’t kidding when she said it smells great. I don’t think there is a need for me to get Turquatic in a full sized bottle. The roller ball is going to last for really long and I can bring it everywhere.

My favourite lipsticks at the moment are Revlon’s lip butters. Favourite shade would be Berry Smoothie. I carry whichever lipstick I put on before I head out. I don’t do touch ups throughout the day so it’s kind of redundant but it’s nice to know it’s there if I need it. I never do take them out though. I need Singapore to bring them in soon.

My super handy Pro Mini portable charger. It’s slim, it’s blue, it comes in a cute little black drawstring pouch, it’s touch screen. It’s my first portable charger that doesn’t shorten it’s life span after accidentally overcharging it for one time (psst, Valore). My iPhone 6 still doesn’t have a sucky battery yet (and it’s a year old, yay) but on days when I forgot to charge it before I head out, it’s wonderful to know you have a fully charged portable charger just waiting to feed your phone.

My newly bought Burt’s Bees cleansing wipes! I wanted cleansing wipes for awhile but I don’t want those that removes makeup. It would dry up in my cupboard. After Ingrid said that’s it’s not a very good makeup remover wipe and it’s more for just refreshing the skin, I went to get a pack myself! I use it after a day at work because there isn’t aircon so dirt, grime and oil just builds up throughout the day and I hate how it feels. I didn’t realize that there are only 30 pieces inside. I was expecting a 100.

My super cute ‘Paiseh, my seat.’ tissue cover made by a person with disabilities! I never used to reserve a seat, though. It encourages me to bring tissue out with me and buy more tissues from the elderly!

A pouch my uncle got from Vietnam. The words have already came off, that’s how worn out it is. I always keep my ez link card separate from my wallet because I used to keep losing my wallet. I feels less painful if one of them is saved. Losing my wallet would mean the end of the world, though.

My Prada wallet from Greece. It’s in such a classy colour too. I used to hate wallets with a zip but I have grown to love it because it looks more mature than those with clips, or at least to me. Everything fits in it too. There is a little weird patch at the back because nail polish got onto it and I used nail polish remover to remove it. So the lesson learned is that real leather should never come in contact with nail polish remover.

Always bringing a bottle of water everywhere and my Fiji water bottle is the most compact and can fit into this tiny bag. I have a story about my Fiji water bottle and I am so annoyed. I actually got another Fiji bottle in another gorgeous design in Canada. I didn’t want to get it in Singapore before because the packaging is hideous. I brought it to work one day and left it there. The next morning, my manager thought it was a lame plastic bottle and he threw it away. I thought of getting another bottle in the same wrapper in ebay or order it in bulk from the actual website. Thank goodness I was rational enough. I had no choice but to get one of the bottles in Cold Storage.

Lastly, my Apple earpods. I love ear pods. My ear canals are oddly shaped so those earpieces that look like ear plugs and are ever so popular, never fit into my ears nicely. I didn’t like that it feels like a suction cup and it’s sucking out dirt whenever I squeeze it in and pull it out. It’s so uncomfortable, physically and mentally. I fold and clip it with a little claw so I don’t have to face the torture of untangling it and wasting 5 minutes. A little life hack for you.

I forgot to put in my Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer. I probably left it at work.


My wallet has absolutely nothing except a few instax films, plenty of cards and $7 cash so on to my ez link card pouch.

It has two compartments that’s why I love it. One holds my ez link card which is an essential and my Clean & Clear oil control film. I usually get the pink one but I think it’s the only type left so I didn’t have a choice. I don’t use it actually. One pack can last me about 6 months or more. I love seeing the amount of oil collected on it, though.

I carry two Maybelline’s Baby Lips! The black one is Berry Bomb and the silver one is Mixed berries. On days when I just need to moisturize my lips or I need some colour (two varieties to choose from). I don’t use it often because I use vaseline before applying lipsticks. I just like knowing I have a safety net.

I have a really sensitive nose so my mom gave me an inhaler by Siang Pure. I hate it when it’s blocked and that one nostril thinks it can just not do its job.

Some Canadian coins because I don’t know where else to keep them. A packet of po chai pills because they are super effective for stomach ache and you never know. I keep a rubber band in case because you never know when the one on your wrist will snap. I also keep a butterfly clip but I found out it has snapped in half. Panadol pills because you’ll never know when you or someone else needs it.

You can see that I carry a lot of redundant things because I like to be in situations when I need something and it is there. That reminds me that I need to get a new nail clipper and that I forgot to put my keys in the picture. On days when I need to carry pads or an umbrella, I use a bigger bag.

Thank you for reading all the way!


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