I took dailies of my bruises to see how they transformed. I think people who open shutters get them a lot. I only opened the shutter once and a giant one appeared on my thigh. This is the most morbid set of photos I can take, not that bruises are gross. I got a few cuts as well. I was playing TOS one day and I was a bodyguard. Later that night, I dreamt I was cut protecting a townie. Then, I woke up with a cut on my arm.

I spent my Tuesday accompanying my father to the hospital, came back to mom’s cooking, watched 7 episodes of Modern Family and had a 3 hour nap. Heading out to dinner in a bit and Llao Llao just opened an outlet in Vivo City so yay. Speaking of Llao Llao, I met a girl who used to work there and she asked to trade recipes because I’m in Milkcow. That was cute.

The Lee siblings had a rough love life in 2015 so we hung out a bit last night to talk about it. It was nice. Gone are the years that I’m being a tyrant. I made a good resolution this year.

Jo and I are planning our shoot this Friday, weeeee. Balloons, sparklers and fairylights. Lets hope they all come out nicely! I’ll be bringing my Canon AE-1 for a walk too because it hasn’t been out of its dry box in a long time.

How did it go from bruises to updates, I don’t know.


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