Congratulations, you are unbelievable

I can’t make the video smaller so

JYP debuted a new group. Eunice told me they have been getting a lot of hype even though they debuted for less than two weeks. We decided to check them out at work one day. This is Day 6 and they are a band. It’s usually FNC who produces bands but I was never that into FT Island or CN Blue.

It’s unusual for rookie groups to have over a million views in such a short time and moreover, it’s a band.

I mentioned at the Night Festival that it was the first time I really listened to a band live. I saw Day 6’s live showcase and they have really good vocals and I fell in love with how much they were into the music. It’s different from boy groups with all the dances. I have no words to describe it.

Anyway, I heard this song first and I felt that it wasn’t that bad. They included the captions which was really helpful. It’s the lyrics that got me hooked. It’s about a break up where the guy was left hanging because the girl said they needed to take a break but she fell in love with someone else. He is hurt that their relationship was treated like nothing because she got together with someone else so easily. To people who moved on so easily, you can have a view from the perspective of the person you left.

I love how the ‘congratulations’ is sarcastic in the entire video. English songs never have as much depth than songs in Korean or Chinese. However, if you sing the translated lyrics in English it would sound really weird. I can’t really complain, then.

I understand the feelings portrayed in the song. I understand it all too well.

Oh, God knows how much I am into this song right now.


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