You might get hit by a bus


Vancouver Aquarium

One way I am terribly afraid to die from is a car accident. Every time I cross the roads, I’d think of that possibility. It’s the worst, in my opinion.It’s not the same as dying from sickness where your loved ones, or anybody in general, can try to prepare for. Let’s say you are heading to work and that happens. In that day, you might be seen by your colleagues as someone who skipped work. Someone that caused someone else to stand in for you at the last minute.

Or what if you are going to meet someone. That person might think you stood them up.

Maybe it’s not the accident that scares me but the inconvenience of it and the misunderstandings afterwards. You don’t usually think that someone died because they didn’t show up.

I remember the two times it almost happened. One was when I was 14. I was crossing the road to my bus stop from a friend’s house. The road a two way street but I had no idea. I watched out for the further lane and not the one I had to walk across first. I started walking and this giant truck honked at me and swerved to avoid me. The way I put it makes it seem really gentle but he actually went off his lane and to the other one. It was a white truck. The man didn’t scream at me, thank goodness. Usually they would and curse at you for seeking death. He told me to be more careful. I thanked him and crossed the road.

The other was when I was 15. I left school and had to cross the road to get to my bus stop. I met a friend while waiting for the light to turn green. It’s the road with four lanes where two lanes each go to opposite directions. You know how we always start to walk when we see the red light for the cars appear instead of the green light for us to walk? I did that and only the red light for the further lane appeared. I started to walk and a double decker bus 143 honked really loudly because it was going at a really fast speed. A friend pulled me back by my shirt just in time and asked if I was in my right mind.

To me, these stories just meant it isn’t time for me to die yet. I always wonder when that’ll be.

I’m watching a drama about an angel who gets notified about who is going to die. She has to wait for that person to die then bring his or her soul to heaven. I was watching it for Woohyun but I guess this drama has a different pull now. It’s still mostly for Woohyun, though.


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