Remember when I was your boat and you were my sea? (Part 2)






Sorry for the uneven edits. It bothers me as well. By @theboneyone

I heard a story. It’s a story about lying to someone you love for the same amount of time you are together. Let’s take that it is 5 years. It baffles me as to how could someone find the effort to lie for 5 years. Wasn’t it tiring? Didn’t you had to build up more lies on top of the others? When the truth came out that night, it demolished the dreams of the person you love. Maybe you finally found the right time or feel that they deserve the truth but, wow, I was astounded at the effort to hide everything from them. Maybe you were afraid of hurting them or just plainly avoiding the foreseeable conflicts. That’s cowardice at its highest.

X: “I’m at location A but if Y calls, tell them I’m at location B.”

It’s giving an unbaked cake and slathering it with fondant and icing so it looks good and seemingly perfect but it’s disgusting once you put it in your mouth. The effort it took to slather all that sugar

It’s October now. I love October. Autumn would have been my favourite season if we had seasons.

p/s When I put 3 years, it was a random number to me because I didn’t want to put the actual number up there. It has nothing to do with me. 


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