I’m 22

IMG_4675 2

It’s midnight and I am 22. I don’t say that age is just a number and just pass it off as “just another year older”. Especially when I turned 21. I wanted to make my 21st year a really amazing one and I am glad I did.

I flew 12, 813 kilometres to Canada to live for a month. That’s definitely the biggest trip of my life and moreover, I did it alone. A total of 5 flights and several immigrations to get through with some hiccups that I had to get through on my own. I’m proud. I was scared because I would prefer not to be alone if possible but it’s something I really wanted to give to myself. I can’t make a blog post out of my trip because it’s a month and that makes it really impossible to put everything down. So I’ll leave snippets

I graduated from university after 2 long years so yay.

Just applied for the next step but I’m not sure if I am going to go through with it because life is good at the moment. Of course I can’t live like this for long so I am going to cherish all the freedom I am having now. People ask, “Why not a full time job?”. Sorry, a monthly salary of maybe 2.5k to 3k isn’t worth the lack of freedom. I want to work when I want to, leave when I want to, have unlimited days of holidays while I am still young. Of course, I’ll tie myself down to a full time job some day and I will make sure it brings me joy and commit myself to that organization but for now, all I want is time. Time to wake up late, time to head home early and nap, time to let me know know to handle my time properly.

I was a little bit conflicted with continuing with one of my teaching jobs but I got over it. I don’t want to be part of the strawberry generation. Sure, I’m going to be someone special one day but I’m not going to leave my responsibilities just because a kid annoys me. I don’t want to be easily bruised like 3/4 of my generation. As in, just for this work section of my life. I’m still quite of a strawberry because I think I should “travel when I am young” and I “shouldn’t be tied down”. If I belong to the X generation, I would have probably threw myself into a job that brings in the moolah and just commit to what life is supposed to be.

I have a rant about the strawberry generation that I will make soon but I’m not going to ruin this post with it.

Onward with the 22nd year!


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