The Sunday Currently Vol. 14


Vancouver Aquarium

R e a d i n g
I am done with the book, Wonder. I love it. I love that the author gave many perspectives as to how August was viewed. There were chapters from his sister, his sister’s boyfriend, his friends, his bully, a sister’s friend. The author even made little changes like not capitalizing the beginning of the letters for the sister’s boyfriend chapter. That chapter was like a whole new person if you get what I mean but in word form. I love little changes like these! It makes reading it from a whole new person’s POV a lot easier!

I just started on The Longest Ride because Simin is pushing me to watch it and I told myself a long time ago that I will read the book first before watching the movie! X loved it and X doesn’t like romance novels all that much. It’s definitely a must read.

I can’t find my little salt shaker bookmark.

L i s t e n i n g
Infinite’s songs because I need to prepare for their concert.

T h i n k i n g
Not sure how I like a new girl in Milkcow because I have been having the time of my life with these girls for 3 whole months. Having 8 new girls in my life is enough.

W i s h i n g
To go to Chewton Glen and have a week stay in their treehouse.

L o v i n g
Innisfree’s eco nail color PRO in the colour 109. I went shopping for my cleanser and I have to walk to the nail polish bar every time. I got two in the past but realize it isn’t really worth the money. $4 is cheap but if you make a comparison to the other bottles like Essie or China Glaze, it’s roughly around the same price. Anyway, for someone who loves the idea of autumn (idea because I’ve never experienced it), I was drawn to this really deep berry shade. I like it’s still red and less purple. The color on my nails is exactly as it is in the bottle. I love Innisfree polishes for their wide brushes because nail polishes don’t streak as much. The formula is amazing as well. It’s my 3rd bottle.

Actually, if you think about it, you are never going to finish an entire bottle of nail polish anyway (at least for me) so 7ml is a good size.

H a t i n g
I wanted to talk about the Sephora’s Formula X top coat and how horrible it was. It dried off really weirdly. Some parts dried matte while the others were glossy. Applying it was alright but I had to go over my nails twice in some parts to make them glossy. I was giving my seche vite a break because I’m almost out of it and just adding thinner to increase the volume isn’t helping.

After my little manicure, I would put cuticle oil (I’ll talk about it next time!) over my nails and rub it in. The oil actually turned some of the matte parts back to glossy so it was okay.

I wouldn’t say I hate it now because it lasts better than the seche vite. I feel that seche vite gives you that glossy gel-like look for maybe 24 hours then it goes really flat and thin. With the Formula X top coat, my nails still look pretty much gel-like. No chip at all and it’s the 5th day since I did my nails.

I judged it too early.

W a n t i n g
A gopro with wifi. Since it is after my birthday I think it’s safe for me to say it so nobody can say I am hinting them or whatsoever. I WOULD NEVER HINT FOR SUCH AN EXPENSIVE PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY.

F e e l i n g
Am an 8 on the happiness scale for reasons.

W a t c h i n g
Zoella’s vlogs. I CAVED AND SUCCUMBED TO IT. I actually hated how long Zoe’s vlogs are because one video lasts around 20 minutes. It terrifies me that just watching 3 vlogs is about an hour gone. It’s longer than anime episodes. Well, Zoella will always be interesting and I guess 20 minutes once every few days ain’t that bad.

M i s s i n g
My little salt shaker bookmark. I can’t even find the Finn and Jake ones.


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