I hope at the end of the day, I see you smiling


I love how I couldn’t find a way to enhance this picture. The white is gorgeous.

Thank you, X, for thinking I am worthy of saving when I had no idea I needed it. For the first time, I cried for myself. I have cried for so many things but not for me. I never thought I needed it; life was great.

And that’s all I say about it.

I’ll take new steps everyday and one day, I’ll reach my destination. I thought I was done but apparently, I’m far from where I am supposed to be.

“I want to see you when we are old. I’ll go find you with my partner and we’ll have tea with you and your husband and your 100 grand kids and I’ll see you smiling. I choose that than to see you in a cold castle.”

We cried together at the thought of that.

I love you.


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