My phone drowned

I’m back from Boracay!

My absence from any sort of social media was because I bought this cheap shit of a waterproof cover, brought it snorkeling at Ariel’s Point in hopes of getting underwater shots and found out the seawater went in. The same thing happened with Joseph’s phone and yep, they are bricks now.

This phone-getting-waterlogged thing isn’t a very rare sight because when we told the organisers our phones had water inside, they just put it in a bag of rice and handed it back to us. After 4 days of staying in a bag of rice, it’s still 98% dead.

As liberating as it is because Jo and I couldn’t take instagram worthy shots, get ourselves stuck on whatsapp (just me actually), snapchat, Dayre (me again), Twitter, it annoyed me to great ends that I couldn’t contact anyone on hand especially work. Nobody knows about my phone getting waterlogged except for my family.

I can’t get onto the whatsapp web as well because your phone has to be connected.

Thank God for insurance that my aunty paid for because she said I can get it repaired and the company would reimburse me 100% of the total cost. Or I could get a new phone and they would pay 50% for it. My mom is egging me to get the 6s but I don’t want that. I prefer the non-s generations because the bigger changes happens in the whole number series. I don’t want to jump on the s bandwagon.

My bro is offering me his iphone 6 because he dislikes the huge size of the 6 and would rather an iPhone 5s.

We’ll see! I’ll try repairing it first.

Now I just want to sleep.

I also want to say that the trip to Boracay is the the best fun I ever had. I never knew life could get better. Thank you, Jo, Ash, Amanda and Basil.


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