You are not a burden, you are human



I like the legs here and the love Yuanyi shows me.

I told the second person and I expected you to leave. I wanted you to actually, so you wouldn’t have to get caught up in all of these but you didn’t. Thank you for loving me all the same.

When I said it out this time, I didn’t feel as disgusted. It didn’t seem as bad as before. It’s not worth beating myself up over it but I do it because it’s not supposed to be like this. We err because we are human.

Why am I not a fairy?

I discovered a different kind of love in the past few weeks. Friends who have seen you at your worst but still love you all the same. My feelings for the HOT members got blown out of proportion after I constantly got drunk and they took such good care of me. I can safely say I love them now. I actually wish I could see them every day.

Thankful for work starting at 3 tomorrow and antiseptic creams because I put zambak on my wound which I heard from two people that it’s for bruises not wounds. That explains why it itched the hell out of it.


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