The Sunday Currently Vol. 15


R e a d i n g
The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks.

L i s t e n i n g
Automatic by P.Keys, Avicii Ultra Music Festival 2015. Then the next one soundcloud gave was Calvin Harris so, that as well. Tenerife sea by Ed Sheeran too.

T h i n k i n g
How lucky I am to have found a new route. I was stuck at a spot for so long and thought it was the end. How naive and arrogant of me.

W i s h i n g
That 28th October can happen all over again.

L o v i n g
iRepair and insurance, haha. My iPhone is almost back to life and the data inside remains. Well, they said usually, it would remain inside the phone.

H a t i n g
Samsung phones. My goodness. 100% to 0 in 2 hours.

W a n t i n g
To go to Singapore’s Writer’s Festival but from today onwards, it’s filled with weird programmes that I have 0 interest in.

F e e l i n g
Liberated. I took social media out of my life for a week now. I might go back to it. It feels like I don’t have a choice to return because I don’t have an iPhone but we’ll see what happens when I am reunited with it. I love it now, though. It’s not even like I uninstalled the apps. It’s there but I don’t feel like opening the application.

I didn’t sync any contacts into my phone so my whatsapp are all numbers. I like it this way too. I can be like, “I lost my contacts.”

W a t c h i n g
Modern Family season 3.

M i s s i n g
Boracay. I just want to go back and with the same company.


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