I love your dark side


Had a sleepover and I realized we finish each other’s’ sentences a lot and we know what the other wants to ask.

Y: “Okay, I need to go to the toilet and I want to ask you something later.”
Me: “Oh, I’m not dating.”
Y: “Oh, wow. Okay. That’s what I wanted to ask.”

Me: “Omg, you need to check them out. They are couple goals.”
Y: “Oh, the one you shared on Facebook (Jay and Alexis)? I saw that!”

There were several other instances that I made a mental note in my head to remember but clearly that didn’t work.

Just three weeks but our lives have been a gigantic whirlwind since we met. Met at 11 but updated each other until 3 plus in the morning. If only our bodies didn’t die on us. Okay, mine died pretty quickly.

“Everyone has a light and dark side. You can’t be all light”

I have loved you since we were 9 and I love you still.


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