One of the shit things that just happened was that I kept dropping the 6s. I don’t even drop phones that much but for this particular phone, it always ends up on the floor. So the last time I dropped it, the internal lcd cracked. My screen wasn’t smashed at all but the internal part took a hit. Went to the official apple repair store and yep, it isn’t under warranty like I mentioned in my previous post because it is my fault and I admit it (they said it was free when I explained over the phone so what the hell, QDC). It costs $300 to repair it. I paid and decided that this will be a really expensive lesson to myself. If I took better care of it, I could have saved the $300. I kept telling myself that money can always be earned.

Christmas is ruined for because I wanted to make presents and send out cards to everybody.

Then, the mom just sent a text and said she will return me the money for the repairs.

This post shall end by me saying that I cried because I don’t deserve it at all.


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