Lazing around on my sofa, surrounded by tissues because I caught the flu bug. I have been sneezing non stop. I’m actually grateful because it sucks 10 times more being outside in this condition, without tissues, and not being able to rest.

I got the flu but I’m perspiring because sg is horribly humid. It feels so argh because I don’t know if I am hot or cold.

I think I need a bath.

QDC technologies just sent me an email saying that there will be a slight delay but I have told them I want my phone back by Christmas. What is shocking is that it’s been a week and they have yet to touch my phone. Just letting my phone be while the damage could get worse, I mean, I expected more from Apple Authorized repairs. Previously with my old phone this other repair shop got back to me with the status of my phone within a day. Apple users have to go to QDC for repairs because you would still  be under warranty. I feel that because of that they overcharge the repairs. Replacement of LCD for $233 when I could get it done outside for $100 and I don’t think I will need to wait for a week.

I think it’s the flu talking. I understand that QDC has a lot of other customers who are more demanding and crazy than I am plus apple products are fragile and so exclusive.

I haven’t been getting into the Christmas spirit this year but I managed to get my little presents for my friends ready albeit reluctantly. I knew I cannot go without just receiving presents and not giving any out.

Still sneezing, still feeling kind of cold, kind of hot, still surrounded by tissues (I have a fruity pebble cereal box as a makeshift dustbin for all my germs), still listening to Bieber’s Love Yourself (lol, Justin is coming up really catchy songs this season) and Sunggyu’s 60 seconds.



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