The longest ride


I am finally done with reading The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. It’s about two love stories which crossed paths at the end. I went to download the movie afterwards because Simin mentioned it was good. I told her I wanted to finish the book first.

For the book, I preferred Luke and Sophia’s story. I like young, high school love. I found myself skimming through Ira and Ruth’s story but there were definitely some parts that hooked me.

Yep, for the movie, I fell in love with Ira and Ruth’s love. I cried at two parts and both were during Ira and Ruth’s scenes. I cried when she screamed

“You cannot tell me what I am willing to give up!”

at Ira when she was telling him the reason he wanted to break up with her was stupid. Also, when Ira told her,

“I just want you to be happy, even if that ‘happy’ doesn’t include me anymore.”

I saw love. I didn’t see the constant tugging and pulling because someone wants to leave. Ira didn’t even try to stop her from leaving that hard because he knows she is better off with somebody else and he loves her enough to do it. I saw love.

The story was tweaked a bit but the love was brought over from the book and into the movie and that satisfied me. I felt that Luke and Sophia’s love was more like a supporting story to back up Ira and Ruth’s. Either way, I love the show.

I love watching romance films close to midnight. I feel that because the world is quiet, you’ll get in touch with your emotions more; there are less distractions. I like it when shows make me cry.


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