Goodbye 2015

Here is my last post for 2015. I have been doing a lot of reflective posts since November, which I feel is more suitable for the last week of 2015 but I guess I probably wanted to do it then so there.

I have mentioned many times and I am going to state it again. 2015 has been crazy. Crazy in the sense that I lost things but I gained as well. Most importantly, I grew.

I woke up from the glass ball I was in. My world isn’t happy or perfect as I would like. Even when I said it’s all a matter of perspective (my blog title), there has to be a limit as to how far I can alter my perception. I put on tinted lenses. 2015 forced me to don new and clear ones. I saw the world differently. Not that it’s a bad world but it’s not exactly a happy one, either. I chose to live in a world of Enid Blyton books instead of non fiction ones but I can’t do that forever because life isn’t just about fairies or toys. I hate non fiction books by the way. I never liked knowing how the real world worked. However, I caught my first film adapted from a non-fiction book so hey. Thank you, 2015?

Didn’t want to sound cliché but 2015 was one hell of a roller coaster ride. The changes I had to deal with. I used to be so afraid of change; I liked things being constant but that notion itself was a delusion because nothing stays the same. Even us.

We grow.

We grow into people we probably don’t recognise and that’s okay. I dealt with change albeit reluctantly. I learned that you can mope, you can cry, you can self destruct but the world will still turn without giving a damn about you.

I thought admitting a fault is good enough but no. This year, I learnt that it’s not enough until you face the fault head on and actually make a change. Just admitting to murder doesn’t make you a good person. For this part, I’m still trying my best. I don’t say sorry in the best way possible but I stopped doing things that hurt.

I don’t do resolutions because we never keep up with them so all I want to say for 2016 is,

“Whatever you bring, I’ll take it. It can be as rough as 2015 but I’ll take it.”


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