I need sleep


I hope that when people read my posts, they think, “Oh, so this is what Denise is going through.” instead of “Denise needs help.”. I’m sure we have been in the position of a friend of a heartbroken individual and just throwing out advices because we know what is better for them, only to have them go back into the same ways and hurting themselves all over again. Then we lament, “They are not going to listen anyway.”. Trust me, I get annoyed too.

For someone who follows her heart, all advices from rational brains are ignored when I am sad. Not because they suck, it’s because it’s something I don’t want to do. It’s not that hard to understand, really.

Went to have a drink with a friend and both of us sobbed our eyes out at how horrible loving someone is. We cried for ourselves and for each other. All I needed was support and not for people to tell me I’m stupid to think a certain way.

This other friend, which I have to mention, was even more amazing. She helped me to find the things I needed even though she knows I’m going to end up hurting myself.

I need to sleep


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