Why, though


I have a list of things I have to do:

  1. Update my scheduler.
  2. Transfer the HK photos into my hard disk before meeting Yuanyi.
  3. Buy CNY clothes because it’s less than two weeks away (ikr).
  4. Watch Love, Rosie on Netflix and bawl my eyes out because I forgot which occasion, but he told me he was going to buy us movie tickets and I am not allowed to check what it was. I was 70% sure it is going to be a horror movie because I never want to watch horror movies and 30% that it’s Love, Rosie. It turned out to be latter in the end. That little surprise ended well and I felt really lucky and happy.
  5. Sleep more.
  6. Remind my boss I want to quit a week earlier at job #1.
  7. Buy Marc Jacobs’ lip lock moisture balm because I left 2% of it. Best lip balm ever, I swear. It’s so good I should give it as birthday presents when I have no idea what to buy people.
  8. Probably get around to writing that letter.

I want to give another shout out to my Sunday Riley Luna night oil. My face got so bad from 14 hours of make up for about 7 straight days in Hong Kong. I was so lazy with skincare over there because all I wanted to do was remove it and sleep. The next morning was fine because I can cover everything with makeup. I dropped 7-8 drops of Luna on the night I touched down instead of the usual 4-5. I needed the extra drops. 90% of the horribleness cleared and went back to how it was before Hong Kong. Not sure if it was because of the different climate but I’m pretty sure Luna helped a lot.

Got the quote and the style of writing about him from @notlangleav. Although I feel that it’s not really healthy of her to keep writing and recollecting about past love, I wound up doing the same thing; just a lower standard of English and not as detailed as I would like. Anyway, I love the way she writes and it’s nice to read things that I am unable to express, given my limited vocabulary.

For @afterglo-s, update please. I miss your writing very much.


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