Skin care for the night

So torn between these two products.

Sorry for the low quality pictures. It’s taking with the 6s + fluorescent lighting

I love them so much though. I used to put Sunday Riley every night but because my face doesn’t give me a lot of trouble, I felt that I kept putting it on for nothing. It’s like, using a white crayon on white paper.

I finally got Belief’s highly acclaimed Aqua Bomb (SGD40)! Victoria kept pushing it every since she got it, haha. I managed to get it cheaper than usual at the airport and I love it! It’s effect is instant, just like Sunday Riley. I use this just to moisturize my face. I used to think that because I have oily skin, I shouldn’t moisturize and I didn’t. However, I started to think that maybe my volcanic clay series is drying out my face so that’s why it produces more oil? Anyway, I sleep with aircon too and it’s super drying. With the aqua bomb, I wake up with a hydrated face!

I use one or the other at night and because of Sunday’s hefty price tag (CAD130), I decided that I am only going to use it when my face is more troubled than usual. So yes, my two loves.


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