Let’s get out of this alive









Had a mini shoot in our gorgeous hotel room before leaving. I love that they have double blinds; an opaque one and this translucent sheet with black squiggly lines all over. Thank God for the ample amount of sunlight coming in despite the gloomy week and having the blinds down. The structures outside our room are all in this shade of green that I abhor very much so once again, I’m thankful for the blinds. I really love the blinds. I need to get myself one for my future home.

I like the orange in my hair here. It balances the gray hues out.

I wanted to turn my hair blue this time but I think it’s going to be a waste to have it if I am going to look for jobs soon. So I decided that I will go with Sonia’s (from Jayesslee) hair colour. I’ll probably cut half of the orange part away, bleach it one more time to turn it blond (have I mentioned that I hate orange?). I don’t know if I would yield to having a hair cut. I like the length. I also don’t know why people kept saying my hair is damaged when they didn’t even touch it. It went back it’s texture before the double bleach. Just because my hair is a lot lighter and reflects more light, doesn’t mean it’s damaged. I still don’t have split ends, you know.

Alright, enough about the hair. It’s Valentine’s Day today and I am feeling excited! I have always loved Valentine’s be it when I am single or attached. I like that it’s a day for showing love. I get the whole “everyday is Valentine’s Day” notion but to have a day to celebrate love is simply.. lovely. Not everyone celebrates their love everyday so February 14 is the day to show it!

I’m on an extremely tight schedule later on so I hope everything turns out well! Never liked rushing from place to place. However, I found a whole new world: Cabs.


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