Fairies, they exist


Didn’t feel much for editing photos nor writing at this time. I’ve already lost touch with updating my dayre which is sad as well.

I got inspired to dig out photos to edit today because X said my edits are nice so, thank you! Get ready for tons of lightly edited pictures of two girls, holding jars of fairy lights and being surrounded by more lights!

The pictures turned out really gorgeous and I only have Yuanyi to thank. I thought of the idea and the set up while she got ready everything. I love virgos sometimes because they are such perfectionists. Yuanyi did take in all the little details that I usually overlook or am okay with. Adjusting the camera settings took awhile but we made it work. I know I do tons of self shoots but you should know it’s not easy because it really requires a lot of work to make it happen and to get the pictures you want. Of course, self shoots let you experiment with angles and looks that you were probably too embarrassed to show in front of photographers (always me).

The photos aren’t even filtered yet, my goodness. I’ll need to take some time to filter them then get to editing! Hopefully I’ll get them posted soon!

Till then,


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