Not a bad thing, I guess







My favourite is the one with the dog. The second would be the one that is blurred. I like the way the hands were positioned.

My favourite body part is the hand. If you had asked me which body part I liked on best years ago, it would be the eyes, because everyone says it and I am a pretty cliched person. I’m trying to explain why I like hands but I don’t think I can because I suck at descriptives. I liked arms next then took a giant liking to hands.

Thank you for your hands. It led me out of a place I thought I would be stuck in for a long time. I took hold it and I got out of that room. I meant it metaphorically, by the way. It’s highly a one sided thing but I’m glad I know I can take an interest in someone else. I don’t really care that it’s only me actually, just happy that my heart could drop what should be in the past. I’ve never found someone more similar, actually. Even if you didn’t think so.

I thought I would never be able to leave that room I willingly trapped myself in. I was happy inside but I felt like I should be exploring. I shouldn’t stop myself from feeling the things I don’t want to feel. I’m still young. I need to live.

And now, I’m living. Thank you so much.


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