It’s twelve o’clock and I need your attention


Diving into uncharted waters is never safe. Sometimes I think I’m in it because I like the idea of it. The risks I have to take, the thrills, the adrenaline. This is ironic because I never liked heart bursting events; I hate it when my heart isn’t calm. I chose to dive this time because it seems exciting. It’s crazy because I’m near drowning and I can’t help it.

I’m milking these feelings of confusion because I don’t get them a lot. Jacq and I were having a conversation where we can only create when we are feeling negative which isn’t very healthy.

I have missed listening to The Cab. They bring me so much comfort with their songs. I remember how Endlessly made you cry so it became our song. I remember how I put Intoxicated and Bad on repeat. I’m listening to Vegas Skies at the moment. You told me to listen to it 1 to 2 years ago.

I like how I put my feelings out there sometimes, you’ll never have to guess with me.

You’re lucky.

I’m not.


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