The ugliness of humanity

I saw the photo by The Red Order on Facebook. Where this woman would be conducting a trust exercise by not moving for 6 hours. There were 72 objects placed around her where people can use it kindly or abuse her with it. There are scissors, roses, knifes, guns, you get it.

So the outcome of this was the viewers around her, who were timid at first, turned violent towards her. The pointed a gun at her, they poked her, they cut her clothes. They said this exercise showed the ugliness of humanity.

I don’t like reading about experiments like these. The post mentioned that it is similar to the obedience experiment and my most hated Stanford prison experiment because it showed how we can turn onto each other. We were made to watch a video of Stanford during a lecture in year 2. I hated it. I hated it when I read about it, I was fighting with myself to watch it. It’s so ugly.

I think I saw the Milgram’s obedience experiment too and how some of them cried and fought back. However, some were still afraid of authority and carried on giving electric shocks. If I remember, the shock was fake? Or did they replicate it years later? The emotional damage it inflicted on some of the people giving the punishment.

It is only after reading this article on Red Order that I realized I didn’t like any of these experiments not because there is deceit in them or it is unethical (actually I hated it a lot because it’s SUPER unethical) but because it shows how ugly humans are. The amount of shock this person inflicted on the other because of authority. How you could go against your conscience because of someone else. It’s so scary. Could the people playing the prison wardens sleep at night? They thought it was okay because they were the ones with higher authority.

It sucks that since a long time ago, people are already shitty like that and these recent experiment showed us people are still the same. So much for evolving into better species when humanity is still rearing its ugly head in times like these. Is it fun to disrespect someone when he or she is powerless?

I’m appalled.


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