Obsessed with hands







I started today really lazily. I scrolled through my youtube subscriptions only to realized I have watched all the videos I wanted to. As for the videos I did not click on, I wondered why am I even subscribed to them (e.g. Fungbros).

It has gotten really dark within a mere 20 minutes. The alarm that sounds whenever a huge storm is coming has blared (that’s what you get for living so close to the sea).

I hear the rumble of thunder and it’s only going to get louder. I’m alone. I never minded thunder, I just don’t like how sudden it comes. It makes me jump.

I hated looking out of my balcony ever since the Reflection towers at Keppel Bay were built. It blocks my view of the sea. People (like my father because he majored in architecture) say its architecture is amazing because of how the buildings are curved. It’s nothing but annoyance to me, though.

Can’t wait for dance at 3 because I love how flushed I look after an intensive workout. When my blood raged through my cheeks and lips; I like that.


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