Lights will guide you home


Wanted to reduce the green but I couldn’t without the red coming out really strongly. I decided to amp up the green to make it work for me.

Both of us got enticed by the Coachella clothes in H&M. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH COACHELLA FASHION. So while wishing we were at California, we decided to do a themed shoot. It was pretty spontaneous because Yuanyi thought we could do a shoot with the flowers she got me for my graduation. Thanks to her OCD (Virgos…), we did some heavy prepping! From curling our hairs for each other to putting on flash tattoos. Both of us who aren’t that much into Indie music, turned on songs by The 1975 while getting ready just to get some of the vibes because it’s an Indie music festival. 

And that made me fall in love with the band. I saw Claire Marshall’s snaps of them today.

The thing about self shoots are that most of the time, you won’t know if the pictures are blurred (no thanks to our dslr’s little lcd screens). The composition takes a hit too because although we can move ourselves, we cannot control the external environment, like who appears behind us and everything. So that’s annoying.

More soon.

Robbers, Chocolate and Girls by The 1975.


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